The Jewish Music Box - Cry No More - Official music video by Shwekey

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Shwekey ♫ Cry No More - Official music video by Shwekey

Album Producer: Yochi Briskman Song composed by: Yaakov Shwekey & Yitzy Waldner Lyrics by: Ken Burgess | Arranged by: Yanky Briskman Written and Directed by: Mendy Pellin Director of Photography: Daron Keet Line Producer: Liron Smadja Camera Operator & Associate Producer: Aviv Vana Coordinator: Moti Friedman| Art Director: Yossi Fraenkel Gaffer: Yehoshua Shlomowitz | Colorist: David Smith Editorial Consultant: Arnon Shorr | Key Grip: Itai Aska CAST: Nathan David, David Hilfstein, Netanel Hashachar, Ayelet Hashachar, Gabi Komet, Netanel Hain & Shoko לחן: איציק וולדנר ויעקב שוואקי מילים: קן ברג’ס עיבוד: ינקי בריסקמן כתיבה ובימוי: מנדי פלין מנהל צילום: דורון קיט הפקת האלבום: יוחי בריסקמן מילים: Many tears have fallen, many years we’re calling, Please no more Many broken-hearted, friends lost and departed, Please no more Now the time has come, everyone must stand together, and be strong forever more. Young and helpless children, illness and confusion, Please no more Old and lonely people, hunger, war and evil, Please no more Now the time has come, everyone as one forever Let His kingdom rise again. Chorus CRY NO MORE YERUSHALAIM, SHINE ONCE MORE YERUSHALAIM, WE NEED TO SEE YOU PROUD AGAIN UPON THE MOUNTAIN OF HASHEM THEN WE’LL CRY NO MORE YERUSHALAIM Enemies of freedom, hatred without reason, Please no more Weapons of destruction, terror and corruption. Please no more Now the time has come, return and stay this time forever Let His glory shine again Chorus

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