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Lipa ♫ The Lipa Schmeltzer Interview - Hagada

New York - There are singers and there are singers. Lipa Schmeltzer is not just another singer. Case in point: Lipas newest release, which contains no audio whatsoever. Entitled Lipas Hagada, this full color, laminted, hard covered Hagada, has stunning photos of Lipa Schmeltzer as he takes you through the Pesach Seder, Lipa style. Instead of complicated commentaries, his varying facial expressions convey the emotions that comprise the Pesach Seder, making the nuances of this pivotal night accessible to anyone of any age. With this, Lipas latest venture, the Chassidic superstar is marketing himself in a way that no Jewish singer has ever done before. It took time to find a product that would be easily accepted by the mainstream market, yet still retain that Lipa-esque flair that has become the trademark of this beloved singer. It was this past January that Lipa decided to do a book. Three nights before the January 10th HASC concert, Lipa returned from a trip to Eretz Yisroel to find that his dining room had been transformed into a mock Pesach Seder. The photo shoot took place that very night and the rest of the Hagada was pulled together the following week. The result? A Pesach hagada that is a visual delight, sure to entertain young and old alike. Advertisement: In an exclusive interview with VIN News, Lipa explained his desire to branch out into other venues. I try to give out my feelings in a lot of ways. I want to enhance peoples lives in any way I can. If I can make the sedarim more interesting for kinderlach, if they can not make noise because they are enjoying my hagada, then I am helping people. This will help a lot of people by the sedarim. Everyone and anyone can use this hagada. Page 27 in the HagadaPage 27 in the Hagada Next up for this talented performer? Aside from a new album, due out May 16th, which he promises will be absolutely crazy, Lipa is already thinking ahead to his next book, possibly Megillas Esther. Lipa admitted that he has contemplated other Lipa-branded items as well and has considered the possibility of doing clothing and eyewear lines. Will swirling multi-colored bekeshes appear in heimishe menswear stores? Will distinctive rainbow hued eyeglasses be featured at our local opticians? Lipa declined to offer any more details when pressed for details on future product lines, but promised to continue to keep on delighting his fans in new and varied ways. Watch The exclusive full interview with Lipa about his new Hagada conducted for VIN News by Yossi Zweig of Interview was filmed in Plaza Dining, Brooklyn NY. Filmed By: Video Maven-Yossi Tepper Produced and Directed By: IntelligentNoise -

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